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The Best TV of 2018 So Far.
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TV Iraqi Style

“This looks at the massive impact of Iraq’s media revolution in the wake of post-Saddam deregulation. There are stars, a version of Pop Idol and a home improvement show, using only bomb damaged venues.”
The Telegraph


Fiona Bruce investigates. “The Parachute Murder Plot was a terrific documentary about an absolute bastard of a man who tampered with his wife’s parachute to kill her and almost got away with it.”
The Times


Inside Sunseeker Yachts, filmed over 6 months in the Cote d’Azur, Mayfair and Poole: “… you can’t help but be staggered by the phenomenal attention to detail as well as the sums of money the exacting customers spend.”
Radio Times

Mega Slums – Lagos

Channel 4 News – Special Report: Exploring the human cost of rapid urbanisation through unique access to the slums of Lagos.


“Geoff Norcott’s analysis of class is enjoyable clear-headed and amusing. From the sharp elbowed faking Christianity to get the best school places to developers destroying community gardens, Norcott builds a compelling case.”
Sunday Times

Iraq: The Hidden Story

Jon Snow flies to Baghdad to discover why we are so profoundly disconnected from the real Iraq.


Last Man Standing

BBC & Discovery

Six young men take on the challenge of a lifetime, to travel the world and compete against the most remote tribes on earth at their own sports.

From Rock to Ring

Corporate Film

The story of a ‘Forevermark’ diamond, starting in the world’s largest mine in Botswana through to design and setting in Milan.

Fiddles, Cheats & Scams


Prime time series featuring fraud cases that have hit the headlines.

The World’s Toughest Tribes

Discovery Channel

Meeting the Amerindian Vaqueros of Guyana, the original cowboys who live and work as their ancestors did 300 years ago.

Principal Voices

CNN Worldwide

Three films looking at the work of social entrepreneurs around the world.  Shot in Rwanda, Nepal and San Francisco.

Wife Swap USA


A right-wing military family from Kentucky swap with Minnesotan peace activists in this politically charged episode.

Grand Designs

Channel 4

Series opener following the build of a modernist, colourful villa in the rural, Andalusian Hills which upset the locals.


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I love making honest, well-crafted documentary films. Stepping into people's lives to share their endeavours and understand their views is a privilege that I cherish and a responsibility I respect.

Typically, I oversee all aspects of the documentary making process, from initial concept, through production and editing, to the delivery of the finished film. I have twice been nominated for the prestigious Grierson Trust documentary awards and, with over 15 years of experience, my films have achieved record ratings and are screened globally.

    I develop, produce and direct a wide range of films and content and have extensive editing experience. Please contact me for a full CV.

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